I’m back.

I won’t say better than ever, though.

I decided it would be fun to do a page where I share this behind-the-scenes fails. Since I’ve had a few half-dozen lately. Haha.

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Sept 6th, 2017

While trying to get some good fall pictures for the blog, I caught these gems of my mascot- Timber the “Little Brown Dog”.


July 14th, 2017

Well good job Bekka.

Does no one see my posts?! Does everyone hate them?

Well I can say it was at least a definite yes to one of those. For like 10 Facebook posts last week my privacy was set to “only me”. No one could see my posts! Well now I just hope that you don’t hate everything I have to say. I guess now you can at least decide for yourself, now that you can see my posts! hahah.


June 6th, 2017

Do you see the FitBit hanging out there in the dryer? For the SECOND time… this week… I washed and dried it! What can I say, they make a quality product over there at FitBit!

First, we have my I’m-trying-to-get-a-professional-head-shot selfie. My Hubby actually bought me this really nice Canon EOS Rebel T6 (he was also kind enough to get this Canon EOS Rebel T6 For Dummies book to help me along. I guess it didn’t work too well in teaching me common sense, like get your whole face in the picture!) Canon has a cool app that you can use to make your phone a remote shutter control for your camera. The high-tech selfie is here. It’s the coolest invention since sliced bread. Of course, I’m no pro and I managed just get just my forehead. So obviously that wasn’t getting posted.

Until now…

0 oops

This is another little gem that I posted this morning. I was honestly laughing at myself for probably about 15 minutes. I tried to make a little promo clip that would make me seem like I was nonchalant and super chill. I wasn’t. I must have taken about 40 videos before I found one that I liked. (I don’t know what it is about Instagram stories, but their time limit is about 1 seconds less than everything I had to say.  -As if you needed a reminder that I am chatty-  My last two words kept getting cut off. Haha.)

In the course of trying to get a good one I ended up with this one. Sorry if you’ve already seen it on Facebook or Instagram. Since, this page will be a sort of archive of all of my messes I had to make sure it was here. 🙂

The Failed Promo Clip

I would love to see the failss that you have. That should have been epicly good but just turned out epicly awesome! Post in the comments and let’s all enjoy a laugh!

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