What is Honey, breathe.?

It’s a reminder. It’s a friend helping you through a tough time. It’s our world._MG_2818

Hello my sweet friends. I am so happy that you found your way to my little haven; I hope that you find it as enjoyable and soothing to the soul as I do.

My name is Bekka Boster and I am the cheerful (and sometimes overly chatty) voice telling you: Honey, breathe.

I will be sharing all things that bring delight and stillness to my soul, in hopes that you will be willing to create a world with me. I want us to sit. To share. I want to be your safe place; and hopefully you can be mine. I imagine us, some times quiet, enjoying the peace that comes with being close to a dear friend. Other times, overcome with laughter so bold and fierce that it leaves no room for the doubts and stresses that we sometimes let eat away at us. Please drop in from time to time when you need a refill (for your soul or for your cup). I have tea (a lot of tea).

Please don’t get this idea of a fairy tale land made of sugar cubes and honey comb. I don’t think the Honey, breathe. world would be real it was always silliness and spring time (after all, I think my soul would feel empty in a world like that). Like I said, I want this to be a safe place. Some where that you can come when you need to share a broken heart or have someone help brush away that looming grey cloud. So here I will will also share some of my serious struggles. The challenges that have brought me here and to oils. I want you to jump in when something strikes a cord with you. Let’s me real friends, not just fair weather friends.

There will be no exaggerating here (okay, maybe a smidge, but I will coat it in a healthy dose of sarcasm). You will get the real me. I attempt a lot of new things with the hopes of making a better life and a better me. Cliché but true. You will get the best and worst of these attempts, true and complete. I will also be sharing whatever tickles my funny bone. I happen to have a funny bone that loves all things cheesy and punny. With that in mind, I hope that you also enjoy my brand of Honey, breathe. I am tea obsessive (in the vein of being honest, I just counted 52 open blends in my kitchen) and I am IN LOVE with the amazing power of scent. It can heal the body and create a world.

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