Deep Blue


(These special promotions are now over, but the oils are still amazing!)

Guys. I am so freaking excited! I just put in my order for all 5 off these (the household limit). Go now! This bogo will sell out.

Today only, Get a free Deep Blue Rub with the purchase of Deep Blue oil. That is both for $32 (wholesale price) this is outrageous!

I will be back later with more on the oils but you needed to know now!

Order in your account or use this link here.

Simply add Deep Blue 5ML to your cart and Deep Blue Rub will be automatically added when you review your order. (Limit 5 per family). This is a great week to start building up an oil stash, at basically 50% off.

If you would like to an even more amazing deal then listen up! Join my team by following these instructions and you will get 25% on top of the BOGO! *but wait there’s more* 👐
Join this week and you will get a free Lemon from me…

Oh, AND if you start with an order over 100pv you are eligible to get 100 points back to use on free product next month (about $100). Holy Hannah! You want in on this. I promise.

Let’s get shopping!


There are so many reasons to love Deep Blue, it’s hard to make sure I put it down on paper in a way that does it justice. Haha.

This #BOGO is amazing and absolutely worth your time and hard earned dollar.

Not only can Deep Blue be used post work out to help soothe overworked muscles it can even be used before. The beauty of these oils is that the invigorate and and reduce stress on muscles at the same time!

Use it on kids who are hitting a growth spurt and may be having some trouble sleeping or discomfort.

Use it on the elderly or those with joint stiffness.

Use it after a long day gardening or spring cleaning.

Use it after a long day sitting at a desk and staring at a screen.

Use it after a long shift on the nursing floor, construction site or school cafeteria.

There is literally no-one who doesn’t need this oil.

The great part about this BOGO (besides that it is a steal!) Is that you get the oil and the run. This makes it very versatile for you. Use the rub for larger areas or to keep in the gym bag. Use the oil to make a roller bottle to keep on the night stand or in your purse. You can even dilute it and use it for a massage oil!

Go order it before it is gone. If you don’t have an account, use the link in the comments to get this deal. *TODAY ONLY*

#BekkaBosterEOCoach #doterra #freeoils #BOGO #deepblue

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