Balance & Peace

Hey there friends! I am going to make this short and sweet.

(These special promotions are now over, but the oils are still amazing!)

BOGO deals are back and you do not want to miss out! They can sell out so the quicker you get them the better!

Today’s deal is a FREE Balance with the purchase of a Peace. I love these two oils!

Balance was the first oil I ever had. I had been struggling with anxiousness and needed something to intervene, in came doTERRA. I will forever be grateful for the change it made in my life. It is worth every single penny!

Buy them here. Simply add Peace to your cart and Balance will be automatically added when you review your order. (Limit 5 per family). This is a great week to start building up an oil stash, at basically 50% off.

If you would like to an even more amazing deal then listen up! Join my team by following these instructions and you will get 25% on top of the BOGO! *but wait there’s more* 🤣 Join this week and you will get a free Lemon from me…

Oh, and if you start with an order over 100pv you are eligible to get 100 points back to use on free product next month (about $100). Holy Hannah! You want in on this. I promise.

Let’s get shopping!

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  1. Lori Haig says:

    Hey Bekka,

    Hey there friend!! My phone got shut off on Sunday and I’m really loosing my mind!!! My neighbor was kind enough to let me use her Wi-Fi until tomorrow!

    I need a really big favor if you can do this for me. Can you email me the BOGO for today? And if it’s not too late, AND if you can do this for me, would you be able to get the BOGO for today for me and I’ll be able to send you the money on the 2nd?? If not, I totally understand!! Oh yeah, what was the BOGO for yesterday?

    Anyway, can’t wait to be back upon the world of social media!!! Can’t wait to see your smiling face friend!! I’ve missed you!!

    Friends For/In Oil, Lori~

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