Killer Goals (Part III)

Happy February my friends!

Thanks for coming back to check out my final post on reaching your goals. If you have done the first two steps, then you are well on your way to the finish line. There is so much more to meeting goals than just having passion though.

What happens when your best laid plans go awry? 

It takes vision and a well laid out plan but what happens with the best laid plans go awry? Will you still reach your goals? Well I am here today to help you stay on course when the world seems insistent on pushing you off your path. 



How to get back on track

1. Just the Facts: Forget the Feelings

For this step we need to review your beginning statements. As people we have a nature to exaggerate things in our mind over time. The good becomes better and the bad becomes worse. In all honesty you are probably not doing half as bad as you think you are. This is why it was so important to write down your plan in the beginning. Now you can set your exaggerations to the side and review the facts.

Take out your beginning statements and review where you started from. While you are reading over your goal and how you planned on measuring it, try to remember how you felt in the beginning. You were optimistic and excited. And I promise you that you have made some progress! Progress towards your end goal is amazing but it is not the only way to make progress.

Sometimes progress is just changing your outlook.

For instance, say your goal was to pay off your debt. If you now owe more than you did in the beginning you would could say, “I haven’t made any progress. I am making things worse!” That would be one way to look at it. Or you could say, “I have learned that what I am doing this last month isn’t working. I had an emergency come up and that hurt my goal. I should make a plan to cover emergencies so this doesn’t happen again and then I am going to start working on my debt again.” That is progress my friends. It still counts!


2. Evaluate: Now we Feel

Now that you have looked at the facts of your progress I want you to figure out how you feel about it. I know you are thinking, “Bekka, you just told me to shut out my feelings and look at the facts. Now you want me to feel? Figure out what you are talking about lady!”

You might not be wrong, I have a funny way of doing things but it seems to work for me. 🙂 The reason I wanted to go about it in this way is so that you can decide if your feelings were warranted or not. All feelings are valid (this is a topic for another post) but not all feelings are warranted.

When you fell of track you could have felt angry at yourself and like you were a failure. Now that you have reviewed the facts and realized you are not as far off track as you thought, you might feel differently. Either way, I want you to evaluate how you are feeling about it now. Are you still feeling optimistic? Are you feeling disappointing or overwhelmed? All of those feels are okay. It is okay to be disappointed! It helps you make changes. Use those feelings to help you get back on track.

If you feel inclined, write it down. This will give you something else to look back on when another struggle comes up.


3. Practice Makes Perfect: Remember your mantra

This step is easy. To help you get back on the positivity train, try keeping your mantra close. Now would also be a great time to create a new mantra about shortcomings. This can be your go to when you feel like you aren’t quite enough.

My favorites:

  • A little bit (of progress) is still progress.
  • Move on.
  • Focus on my strengths.
  • Keep calm.
  • Focus on the purpose.
  • I can only do what I can do.
  • It is (going to be) what it is (going to be). 
  • “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
  • “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.” – Henry Ford
  • “Failure is success if we learn from it.” – Malcolm Forbes
  • “Remember that failure is an event, not a person.” – Zig Ziglar


4. Get tough: Is your goal realistic?

Sometimes we just have to get tough with ourselves. I don’t want anyone to give up on their dreams, and an unrealistic goal can make you feel like giving up. So to keep the encouragement alive, we need to find a more realistic goal. If your goal was to pay off that $50,000 in debt by Christmas, you might feel discouraged by your progress. Don’t give up on your goal, just set it up realistically. Get your debt and income down on paper and set a time frame and mini goals that make sense for you. This will keep you on the path and feeling good!


5. Partaaaaay: Refresh those New Year’s feelings

Last but not least, make it a celebration! Select a day (preferably tomorrow) and have a little party! You can have your own New Year’s reset. It doesn’t have to be any special day to have a new beginning. Any day you decide to make yourself better is going to be a special day. Simply decided that when you wake up in the morning, today’s shortcomings are going to be washed away and it is a new day, a new opportunity, to make a step forward. I like to make the day special by getting donuts for breakfast, in case you need a suggestion.


Comment below with how you stay on track.

(I am so excited to hear about your goals and how you are meeting them.)


Thank you guys for spending the last few weeks with me.

You have everything you need to reach your goals, you always did.

You are all you really need to reach your goals, I believe that with all that I am. I am happy to help guide you along this way but the truth is, you don’t need anyone to help you get there, you got this friend!

“Do not go gently into that good night” -Dylan Thomas



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