The dōTERRA Yoga Collection: Arise

Last but certainly not least…

Arise – The Enlightening Blend.


I am so excited to be able to share another wonderful oil with you!! Earlier this week I told you all about Anchor, The Steadying Blend and Align, The Centering Blend. Now that you have a firm foundation and you are finding your balance, it is time to learn about the last oil in the dōTERRA Yoga Collection: Arise.


 dōTERRA Yoga Blend Kit


This collection and 6 single oils will be available on October 2nd, and you can get them here. Just click “shop”.

I know you don’t want to miss out on a thing, so make sure you follow my blog by using the “follow” button down there at the bottom. I will also be sending out a reminder email so that you make sure to get your hands on these oils the very first minute that you can!

**UPDATE: Copaiba and Siberian Fir are both available now!!!** 


Why the Arise blend?

The Arise Enlightening blend will help you to rise above challenges and find the courage to achieve your goals. This blend is going to be a great support, especially after a trying time, when you are trying to grow in mind and spirit.


Arise Properties


[This is an excerpt from my last post but I just love the imagery so much!]

I imagine standing on a smooth rock shelf on an ocean shore line. Gentle, sun-warmed water on my toes. Beautiful creatures in the tide pools distract from the powerful force around me.

Without warning, a sneaker wave splashes up, forcing me to lose my balance.

I slip, thrusting my arms out trying to grab on to anything that can give me safety.

I land, falling to my hands and knees. I find some relief in knowing that I am now steady. (Anchor Blend)

I stand, regaining my balance and check myself over, preparing to move forward, after the unsettling events. (Align Blend)

I step forward, empowering myself to learn from these chaotic moments and withstand the next unexpected event. (Arise Blend)


Scent notes

Bright, Citrusy, Sweet and Clean


What Oils are in Arise Blend?

The Enlightening Blend is created by the blending of 5 different, and wonderful Essential Oils.

Arise Oils


Why these oils?

Lemon: Is known to be revitalizing, uplifting, encouraging and energizing.

Grapefruit: Helps increase motivation and is uplifting. Is also known for helping support a healthy metabolism.*

Siberian Fir: Is uplifting and yet grounding. Has a refreshing, woody scent that is both calming and relaxing. Will also promote feelings of easy breathing.

Osmanthus: Is tied to new beginnings. It encourages excitement about change and promotes feelings of liveliness.

Melissa: Helps you to release negative feels of grief and disappointment and will life you up. It is a gentle scent that invites you to “un-knot” and allow yourself to feel compassion.


How to use Arise Enlightening Blend? 

Arise Blend is part of the Yoga Collection, and with that in mind, yoga is a great time to use it!

These are the suggestions that were given at convention:

  • Arise blend supports effective yoga practice.
  • doTERRA Arise oil encourages feelings of happiness, clarity and courage.
  • This blend encourages rising to achieve goals and improved performance.


I have yet to get my hands on this oil but here is how I am going to use it:

  • Diffuse during yoga or meditation
  • Diffuse or wear when beginning a task that is new to me
  • Diffuse or wear when trying to stretch myself emotionally and move outside my comfort zone
  • Dilute (if sensitive) and apply over my heart and on the souls of my feet
  • Use on my Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Let me know how you decide to use your Enlightening Blend.


Where to buy it?

This oil, and its partners Anchor and Align, will be available Oct 2nd, 2017. Go to and click the “shop” tab to get started. dōTERRA is in over 16 countries, so don’t let that stop you!

If you would like to learn how to get this product for 25% off of retail, as well as all the other products, then check out all the details here. Believe me, it is worth it!!


How much is it?

Since wholesale pricing is 25% off of retail, this collection should be $69.33 when it goes live.

Remember, if you sign up for wholesale, you can get this at $52, plus earn rewards towards free shipping and your future purchases!

Just go to and click “Join and Save.” You can then select your country and enter my Wellness Advocate ID: 3418680 and you are all set to go.


I hope you are as excited about this blend as I am! Stay tuned, next you are going to learn all about Copaiba (Which is available now! Get it here. I am so very excited for all of the benefits of Copaiba! If you have heard of any of the positive effects Cannabis oil, but have had concerns, then this is one you won’t want to miss! There will be plenty of science for you to decide for yourself.


Wait! The fun isn’t over yet!


Yoga Giveaway


Thank you for following along with the new doTERRA Yoga Collection. I am so excited for you to get your hand on these lovely oils when they go live on Oct 2nd, but you don’t have to wait! You have a chance now to get your hands on one for free!


Starting today through September 25th I will be running a giveaway for 1 (one) Free oil of your choice from the doTERRA Yoga Collection.


How to enter:

  • Like my business page on Facebook.
  • Leave a comment below with which oil you would like from the Collection and why.
  • There will be 1 (one) extra entry for each share of any of my posts (leave a comment with the link to your share).


Comment 1: “I liked your page, my FB name is Bekka Boster. I would love to try Anchor because I could use some help finding some security in my crazy life right now!”

Comment 2: “I shared this blog post on Pinterest, here is the link!

I am so glad that you found your way here. Good luck. (I will warn you, essential oils are like tea, you cannot have enough!)



No purchase necessary.

A free entry may be obtained by sending me a message requesting entry Via Facebook or email:

Anyone 18 years and older who lives in the United States is eligible.

The opening of the sweepstakes will be Sept 19th, 2017 and will close Sept 25th, 2017 at Midnight Central Time.

This promotion is sponsored by Bekka Boster at

The prize will be 1 (one) dōTERRA oil of your choice from the Yoga Collection.

The odds of winning will depend on the number of entrants.

The prize will be shipped (economy shipping) to the winner.

A winner will be selected randomly on or before Sept 30th, 2017.

The winner will be announced here. Please check back to see if you win.

Prize must be claimed within 14 days of drawing.




Medical Disclosure

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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