This BOGO is exciting! It is going to stir your soul!

🍃Buy a Passion roller bottle and get a Console FREE!

🍃Passion Blend is made to help you rekindle the excitement in your life. The blend helps you to fight boredom and disinterest. It is a warm and mildly spicy scent. I love to use this blend on days where I am feeling, “Blah.” It has a nice way of stiring up the fire for life!


🍃Console is a wonderful blend that I lean on in times of sadness or self-pity. Console is also warm and earthy scent. It helps to combat feelings of sadness or hopelessness. I use it to help me feel comforted and whole when I think that something needs to be rectified.


The Break Down

Buy buying them retail you will you spend $36.33 and get the FREE Console which is a $32 value.

If you decide to go Wholesale (a $35 membership fee for the year) then you could GET BOTH ITEMS for $27.25 and save $33.08 over all! (Consoles whole Sale cost is $24) That almost pays for your membership.

The How To

If you are ready to set up your account and get the BOGO deal then follow these steps…

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Join and Save” at the top
  3. Scroll down and click the green button
  4. Choose your country
  5. Choose your membership (customer or share)
  6. Enter your Info
  7. At the top add an enrollment kit (and waive your fee) or the $35 membership.
  8. Add Passion Touch roller bottle to your cart (as a one time order or if you know how, make an LPR order and click “Ship Now” to get your best benefits)
  9. Process Order.

You can learn more about Wholesale and why it is THE BOMB here.

The Extra Special Special

Check out or message me if you would like this BOGO.

Remember from the video on Tuesday that anyone who purchases a BOGO through me will be entered to win a Wholesale Membership. Each purchase is an entry!

If you missed a BOGO you liked, let me know, you might be in luck. 🙂

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