Honey, just breathe. 

Good morning Everyone!
This week I seem to be seriously over booked. 

  • I ended up helping friends a couple of days with their projects. Which was great but left me about 2 days short this week, compared to the time I thought I would have to work on the blog. 
  • I start work this upcoming Monday and had to run in last minute to complete some HR stuff.  
  • My puppy had been sick so a lot of my time was focused on trying to take care of her and making her feel better.
  • I also wasted an indeterminate amount of time on items that seemed important but that I can’t even remember this moment.

So here was Friday and I realized I hadn’t even put up a single blog post yet this week! (Sorry Y’all!) I have had an overwhelming feeling all week that I needed to just rushing to the next task.  I was never engaged with the moment that I was in. I imagine a kid who is scarfing a bowl of spaghetti just to get to the pie. Only to realize that the pie is burnt and still in the spaghetti was the best part of the meal. We miss so much trying to get to the next thing.

I have a couple of clients, bless their souls, that have been patient with me while I have taken way to long to to complete some research and answer their questions. 

I’m not getting done all I need to get done! (Remember the motto Bekka, remember the motto.) 
Does this sound familiar? Are you sometimes so overwhelmed and so overcome with the to-do list that is 17 miles long that you get to the weekend and you don’t even know where your week went? You’ve missed out on your Monday through Friday- 5 days of your life that you might not even remember. (As I write this I am seriously struggling to remember what wasted my whole Monday.)

This is outrageous! We were not made to miss out on our lives. We were not created to live in a world so fast-paced that we lose a week of our lives at a time. We were made to live and engage with the world around us. 

Some of you have already read about “my sick years” or you have experienced yourself the physical ramifications of being over worked and over stressed. Let us be bold and powerful. Let us take control of our days, minute by minute. 
So here comes my next #SelfCareSunday talk.
Honey, just breathe.

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