The Benefits of doTERRA Wholesale and How to Enroll

So you are ready to try doTERRA? Let me show you how to get the best value out of your purchase!

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The very best way to get started and get more is to enroll with a wholesale membership, even if you are just now dipping your toe in the water (err…oil). By being a wholesale member you will always get a 25% discount and you get a chance to start off with an Enrollment Kit. An Enrollment Kit is an easy way to start with a good many oils plus you will get Enrollment Bonuses.

I promise that there is no minimums or required future orders. This is just a great way to add value to your doTERRA experience.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This program can take your already amazing 25% off, and kick it up to 55% off! Need I even say more??

Signing up is easy!

1: Become a Wholesale Member by using my personalized enrollment form. (You will become a part of my team, which means I am always here for you!) You will invest in a $35 Membership Fee by selecting your own mix of oils OR, choose an Enrollment Kit and your $35 fee is waived.

2: Select your Language & Country of Residence

3: You can compare here and then choose “Wholesale Customer” if you’re goal is to purchase for yourself, or “Wholesale Wellness Advocate” if you’d like to have an opportunity to share the wonderful doTERRA line.

I suggest the Wholesale Customer option because you can get the same great discount as a Wellness Advocate and when you are ready to start sharing, it is really easy to just switch right over.

(Believe me, you will want everyone to know about these life changing oils!)

4: The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you but if not, enter 3418680 in both boxes so I can be sure to help and guide you.

5: Fill out the application with your personal details.

(You will ONLY be asked to enter your Tax ID number or SSN# if you are signing up as a Wellness Advocate. This is for tax purposes only and is NOT required if you are opening a customer account. It is required by law that you receive a 1099 form if you make more than $600/year in commissions. This information is never shared and safely guarded by doTERRA.)

6: Next, you will choose your time zone and your own virtual office password. Now you can log in and enjoy browsing anytime you would like!

7: Read and approve the basic Terms and Conditions and your Virtual Office User Agreement.

8: Choose your best order. You can choose the $35 Introductory Essential Oil Packet plus any additional products you would like to try, I suggest the introductory trio of Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender. Or you can make it simple and choose an Enrollment Kit and waive the fee.

Personally, I think getting an ENROLLMENT KIT is the best deal. My favorite starter kit for someone just getting started is the AromaTouch Diffused Kit (It includes Balance which is my ALL TIME favorite oil. Balance is great for panic attacks and providing a grounding feeling).

If you would like to get the absolute best deal you can get, the Natural Solutions Kit is one of my favorites. You get a FREE diffuser, 100 PV points right off the bat, and it starts your LRP bonus at 15%!

Compare all the kits here.

9: Set up your OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards. This is truly the way to go if you are wanting to build your oil stock pile and help your family live cleaner. You can use this super flexible monthly order program to fill your home with purer hair care, skin care, and internal cleansing care products. You have heard of all sorts of monthly subscriptions, but this is the best. Put your cleaning products (your daily supplements or anything else) on auto order, and even receive up to 30% back in Points Value (PV) to redeem for even more free product.

10: Welcome to the team! Once you have successfully completed your application doTERRA will send you an email with your distributor ID and instructions on how to enter your Virtual Office. Once you enroll email me at so I can welcome you and help you with any questions. I can’t wait for you to find out how wonderful these doTERRA products can be; they are so much more than just oils.

– Cheers

If you are ready to start living the doTERRA lifestyle

Get Started Here

If you decide to make a purchase through any of the links on this page, Honey, breathe. will be paid a commission for it. This doesn’t cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of our content free, so thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to order a certain amount?
No way my friend! You can order as often as you’d like and cancel if you don’t want an order going out.

Are there hidden fees?
Not here! There is no catch, I promise! There are no hidden costs. No requirements. No minimums or future obligations. We really just want you to be here because you love to be here.

If you choose to continue your membership next year there will be a renewal fee for a of $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, a retail value of $27.33.

Does a wholesale account mean I have to sell?
Absolutely not. By opening a wholesale account, you are just getting the best deal (wholesale prices all the time). If you chose to be a Wellness Advocate there is still no requirement to sell, but it allows you too.

What if I don’t want a whole kit?
No problem at all. You can open a wholesale account with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory Enrollment Packet and pick items a la carte. The kits are, however, the best deal because they waive the $35 fee and throw in some extra free product.

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program (LPR)?
The Loyalty Rewards Program is how I order my oils each month. This program is pretty much the best monthly subscription program out there. You can set it to auto ship your favorite oils each month (or change products each month) and you will be rewarded with points back that will cover shipping and let you get free product. Just for being a loyal customer.

What is PV?
dōTERRA has created a system for earning and redeeming free product. This is done in points. Often you will see PV to abbreviate Points Value. Now PV does not equal dollars spent, but they are usually pretty similar. (Remember the Natural Solutions Kit I mentioned, it starts you off with 100 PV!)

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