I am. I’m an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

 “You’re a what?”


Thanks so much for caring. Nah, I still have it together…I think.

Well, I am definitely not “granola”. You won’t see me fighting for gluten-free in the stores but I’ll buy organic if I have the money for it. I am all about making our lives better a little bit at a time. Like adding a handful of raisins. I am definately not living without cookies…but if I can make them a smidge better, I will. Oatmeal Raisin.


My Philosophy is this:

Do more than yesterday.

If it is one more step or one less cookie (oh hell, maybe just a healthier cookie) or one more page read you’re doing it right. 


I totally had buttered popcorn for lunch today. (I know you’re proud.) “How is that better than yesterday?” You ask. Well yesterday I had a cheese quesadilla aaaaaand buttered popcorn. Come on, we all have our days.

Even still, I love to make changes and make myself a better me. I’m not going to suffer to try to do it though. I don’t feel like it’s any sort of trophy I can hold up to say, “Oh I suffered through this week in the name of health or fitness or frugality or whatever.” Now please don’t get me wrong. I hope that we always put forth effort. I hope that we’re always trying to make our lives better, and ourselves better but let’s not make it a badge to say, “My struggles are harder than yours” or “I had it worse than you because I cut out all sweets for a month.” That’s just not cool.


 Let’s not make our struggles a competition.


I want this to be a fun place. I want it to be somewhere we can encourage each other. I want you to feel like you’re always moving in the right direction. Even when we have a setback (like cheese quesadillas), even when we fall flat on our faces. That is not the end. Whether your area of focus is mental health or fitness or lifestyle or a non-toxic home, this is our safe place.


That’s why I’m such a strong advocate for doTERRA.DoTERRA is such an easy way to do more than you did yesterday. It can be used around the house instead of toxic cleaners. It can be used internally for many health benefits. You can use it as an Certified Pure source of flavor for food (Try the Cilantro for salsa. Ole!). You can use it to supplement your medicine cabinet for things like neck discomfort, soreness in your muscles, stuffy noses, sneezing and tummy problems. That’s just the beginning.


If there’s any way that I can help you do more than you did yesterday, please tell me!


I’m here as a wellness Advocate but I’m also here as a friend. Anything we can do as a community to help you make yourself a little bit better (like let’s call it “adding the raisins”) then we are in!


Are you an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie kind of person? Or are you something different?  Please comment letting me know your thoughts or what you might call yourself. 


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  1. Teresa locust says:

    That is a good description. (And I love oatmeal cookies) I definitely not a go getter but I have been trying to make healthier changes for myself and my son Bo. Although a busy lifestyle makes it easy to make bad choices (fast food) I am trying to do more cooking and am using my little air fryer more. Perfect for just the 2 of us. I am excited to learn more about the oils and teas and their uses and benefits.

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    1. Bekka Boster says:

      Teresa, thanks for dropping in! With our recent move to the Nashville Area, we did a lot of fast food. I tried to get a chicken salad most of the time. Boy, are some fast food salads bad! 🙂
      Good luck! We are here for you.
      Stick around to learn more about doTERRA oils and enjoy a little tea too.


  2. Tiffany says:

    Right now the best i can do most days is oatmeal chocolate chip, but thats ok, because its better than eating chocolate chips straight from the bag!

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    1. Bekka Boster says:

      Hey, I like that! One step is one step. Get it girl!


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