You are my reason why.

It is very important to me that you know why YOU are important to me. I hope that if you get to know me more that you will really feel that I do care. I don’t want to be a you-really-matter-to-me-tv-special-motivational-speaker. I’m Bekka (Hi there) and part of my belief is that we all have a story and that story matters. 

doTERRA May Promotions

This is another great month! This month really exciting friends! If you were waiting for a month to join, or for an oil that really was special then this is the time! 》10% off On Guard Concentrated Cleaner 》FREE 15ML Rosemary with a 125PV LRP order by the 15th. 》There is a bonus deal this…

DoTERRA March Promotions

Check out the current #doterraspecials. March 2018. #aspire #one #cypress #grapefruit #oilydeals

#BOGO Day Four

JACKPOT! Guys. I am so freaking excited! I just put in my order for all 5 off these (the household limit). Go now! This bogo will sell out. Today only, Get a free Deep Blue Rub with the purchase of Deep Blue oil. That is both for $32 (wholesale price) this is outrageous! I will…

#BOGO Day Three

Day Three is here and it is yummy! These BOGO deals are delicious and you need them! I promise. They can sell out so the quicker you get them the better! Today’s deal is a FREE Cilantro with the purchase of Cardamom. I love these two oils! Cardamom is one of the key spices in…

#BOGO Day Two

Hey there friends! I am back for day two. These BOGO deals are perfect and you do not want to miss out! They can sell out so the quicker you get them the better! Today’s deal is a FREE Marjoram with the purchase of AromaTouch. I love these two oils! AromaTouch is the massage blend…

#BOGO is Back

Today only (2/20/2018) Free Balance with purchase of Peace!

Killer Goals (Part III)

What do you do when your best laid plans go awry?! Don’t give up my friends. Review your goals, refresh your passion and go forth to crush your goals! Join me on the blog today to see how! #BekkaBosterEOCoach

Killer Goals (Part II)

It isn’t just enough to make #goals but you have to make a #plan for getting it done. Join me on the blog today to learn how to crush your goals! #BekkaBosterEOCoach

Killer Goals (Part 1)

It is nearing the end of January but it’s not too late to plan your goals! Come learn the trick to finding your perfect, personal (and obtainable) goals. #goaldigger #BekkaBosterEOCoach #crushit #goals